Bible Schools and Student Support

We are current supporting, or establishing Bible training facilities, and providing monthly support for Bible students in Nigeria, Cameroon, India, and the Philippines. This requires in some cases upgrading the buildings that have been obtained, which are in great need of repair, maintaining present buildings, building up a quality research library, and always there is the very real need of providing monthly support for these students as they prepare for active ministries in some of the most contentious regions in the world. Radical forms of competing religions often make the work of these young people literally life threatening, and still they eagerly desire to learn all they can of their Faith and the Bible so that they can return to their villages or blaze new trails proclaiming the gospel. You can play a great part in these lives, and to maintain the quality of these schools. make a contribution.

Camaroons, new pastors being ordained.

Recent graduates from the March of Faith Bible School in the Philippines

Dedications of the native evangelists, and the new Students, beginning studies in the Philippines


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