The Reality of Prophecy

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     In times such as these, it is helpful to be provided additional fortification of the truth of God’s Word, and prophecy. As God still speaks through such gifts as prophecy to reveal things He deems necessary, and for His purpose, allow me to relate some personal experiences.
        It was the summer of 1963, I was home from college, working to augment my scholarship. In a Sunday evening service, as the Pastor finished his sermon, the Holy Spirit became obviously present with him and he begin to prophesy. He described a large black car, and said President Kennedy being shot from afar. More was said, but that stuck in my mind. That Pastor was my father, and he came to me after the service visibly shaken by his experienced. He told me that he knew President Kennedy would be assassinated, but could not bring himself to say so before the congregation. This all faded into the background when I returned to college in the fall. One night after dinner, a group of friends were discussing religion, philosophy, and other “heavy” topics, as a young people, especially students, will. The question was raised: “what is prophecy?” I relayed this story of what my father had said. That was November 21st. Before noon, the very next day, the news spread throughout campus that the President had been shot. As I reached our living quarters for lunch I was greeted by my friends, all stunned by the news, but especially because of what had been said the night before. I have no doubt that my father’s prophecy, my relating this to my friends before it happened, was God’s way of touching these young men’s lives, and to fortify me for what would lay ahead.
       Sharon too has such a gift; many times she has revealed the past, and current situations to friends and acquaintances. God provides her with a word of wisdom for their lives, or a word of knowledge to bring redirection. For example upon our first meeting Kathleen Sullivan, after a recording session for a new theme song for the broadcast, we were seated enjoying a little afternoon tea, and Sharon shared with her that God had a special call upon her life in music. Kathleen demurred, but Sharon insisted that she would be composing beautiful music. You can enjoy her gift on all of our albums; “In a Quiet Place,” “On Wings of Healing,” “New Again,” and our newest “For Unto Us…” All of which are still available.

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