Brief History

Brief History of the Wings of Healing:
This radio ministry was begun by Dr. Thomas Wyatt in 1942, during the depths of World War II. Although beginning modestly, with the anointed message and spiritual insight it soon began to increase, so that soon it was heard on two national radio networks, and around the world. In the early years the ministry expanded into many areas of evangelism, initiating the first mass evangelistic crusades, in Jamaica, followed by West Africa, and soon in many other nations. Bethesda Bible Institute was begun and trained hundreds of Missionary/ Evangelists. From this many indigenous churches were established, and a great religious movement swept the nations of Ghana (then the Gold Coast), and Nigeria, that is still bearing fruit. The ministry has continued its landmark involvement with these indigenous works, and with various benevolent outreaches around the world.

On Dr. Wyatt's demise in 1964, the leadership of this ministry passed to his wife Evelyn Wyatt, who continued its vision and passionate message right up to her passing in 2004. The Ministry is now under the direction of Dr. Thomas Wyatt's grandson, Dr. Thomas Randolf Wyatt.

What is the Wings of Healing:

The Radio Ministry: This ministry continues with many outlets here in the United States, Canada, and Overseas.

Christian Publications: Dr. Thomas Wyatt and Evelyn Wyatt wrote many inspirational, and chal-lenging books, this continues with Dr. Thomas R. Wyatt.

Support of Children: For many years the Wings of Healing ministry has undertaken to provide the means that sustains, and educate countless needy children.

Indigenous Bible Schools: The education of native ministers continues as an important outreach.

Emergency Relief: Extending a helping hand with the many indigenous partners in every natural emergency.

Indigenous Minister Support: Providing encouragement, equipment, and any help possible without jeopardizing autonomy.

Indigenous Church Support: Enabling native partners to build and maintain churches, helping financially when circumstances require.

Intercessory Prayer: We believe in the efficacy of Prayer, and we continue to intercede for the many needs of God's people.

What the Wings of Healing Believes:

Richard Baxter, one of the greatest Puritan Theologi-ans said it perhaps best, "in necessarlis, unitas, in dublis, libertas, in omniis caritas" (in the essentials, unity, in the doubtful, liberty, in all things charity).

Unfortunately, the "tradition delivered to the saints" has not proved adequate to protect the familiar understanding of these essentials. Thus it is necessary to state further that we believe:

Jesus Christ is the "only begotten of the Father," conceived of the Holy Spirit, crucified under Pontius Pilate, He was buried and then "showing Himself alive after His death by many compelling proofs," and is now with the Father. Now "sitting at the right hand of the Father" acting as our High Priest.

We are "saved by the grace" of God, through faith "believing in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior." Through Him we become a "new creation" endued with the Holy Spirit. There is "salvation in no other name" than Jesus Christ.

The Church was called to be the very "body of Christ;" and is invisible, universal, and undefeatable, empowered by the Holy Spirit through the gifts and ministries to the church. Though not found so in many assemblies, still the church is to be the spiritual depository of God's revelation in Jesus Christ, and the tangible proclamation of the empowering gospel amid His creation.

By God's own decree there will come a time when only goodness can exist. All evil will be thrust "into outer darkness," and all who have been "born from above" will reign eternally with Christ Jesus in the very presence of the Father.


Thomas Randolf Wyatt in a local pulpit. on a Sunday morning not long ago.

Our family, on the far left our eldest son Gregory Christian, my wife of 39 years Sharon, myself, and our younger son, Jeffrey Jason.

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