Overseas Church and Minister Support

The Wings of Healing International Ministries has for years supplied the necessary undergirting support for a vast number of indigenous churches, and ministers in a great number of nations. These are in areas where the population is particularly destitute, and often the funds are just not there to repair a roof, after a storm, provide various equipment to make the ministries more effective, even to provide additional funds so that a pastor might be able to feed his family. This in no way affects their, or self-governing status as an independent native church. We are not interested in ruling, or demanding anything in return. We do this that the gospel might be more effectively proclaimed without unnecessary ties to the West.

Please view the various photos of the works in Nigeria, India, Cameroon, the Philippines and ask what you can do to help these men and women on the front lines of the gospel's advance. This is often in areas hostile to the gospel message, where political and religious fanatics have joined forces to remove any traces of a religion that is not their particular brand, if necessary by murder, and mayhem. We are making every effort as well to improve all the Bible Schools in these fields of endeavor. They all need work on their buildings, Library improvements, and increases in student support. If you desire to help please make a contribution, and do all you can to help these worthwhile needs.

Church in need of repair after recent storm in the Cameroons, West Africa

O.N. Godwin, our faithful partner in Nigeria, dedicates the building of a new church

   Worship service in an Indian church     

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