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The Primer Series

Buy the entire series! Includes ALL 12 Primer’s decribed below

The Primer Series: Why prayers are not answered and what to do about it

A scriptural look at prayer, giving answers as to why some prayers are not answered, and what to do about it when that is the case.

The Primer Series : 15 Things the Devil doesn't want you to know!

Answering many of the misconceptions believers continue to hold about Satan, and the true nature of our faith to combat the enemy.

The Primer Series : Evidence of the Resurrection:

The startling often overlooked evidence that Jesus really did leave that tomb, alive.

The Primer Series : Salvation

What is salvation, why we need salvation, how we are saved, and other questions!

The Primer Series : The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit, what He does in and through us, and how it is accomplished! ...

The Primer Series : Evidence for God

A look at the philosophical arguments for, and the scientific evidence for the immense probability that God exists.

The Primer Series : Evidence for Belief

A companion primer to the Evidence for God, here is presented the many evidences as to why believing is beyond reasonable but sensible.

The Primer Series : Prophecy

A brief look at the truth, and yet the misconceptions of prophecy from Genesis to Revelation.

The Primer Series : The End Time

A much need overview of the entire subject of the Second coming of Jesus Christ and what Scripture really says.

The Primer Series : The Advent of the Christ

A defense of the infancy narratives, the virgin birth of Jesus, and a look at when this may have all occurred.

The Primer Series: The Bride of the Lamb

A fresh look at what and who are God's people, and that the Church is more than a gathering on Sundays in some building.

The Primer Series: Who is God!

Outlining what scripture reveal of the nature and attributes of our God.

The Message of the Revelation

A look at what the Book of Revelation is really trying to tell us. It is not at all what most think it is.

Running the Race

A loving look at the Metaphor of the Race, as found in the New Testament, by a former runner.

No Man Spoke like this Man

A look at the amazing depth, and charisma of Jesus of Nazareth, and His continual challenge to us even today.

Wrestling with God

What is it like to strive with God? A look at Jacob, Job, and our Lord in the garden as they persevere and succeed in their encounters with God.

It is Jesus, Only Jesus

Here is a fresh look at the healing ministry of Jesus, what it meant, and what it means for us today.

He Taught with Parables

A fresh look at the parables of Jesus

Defend the Faith, Perserve the Realm

Defending the only hope of mankind, Christianity, from the bias and agendas of the anti-religious world.

Crucial Questions #1 Prayer and Fasting

Deals with what is prayer, and a scriptural look at fasting.

Crucial Questions #2 The Trinity and the Divinity of Christ

This is a study dealing with two of the most contentious subjects in all of Christianity, done sensibly, scripturally, and easily to understand.

Crucial Questions #3 Judgment and Promise

A look at the often misunderstood statements of Jesus on the Mount of Olives, and what He is actually saying to His disciples then, and to us.

Crucial Questions #4 Submitting to One Another

This study looks at the whole misconception of women submitting, and what Paul was actually talking about.

Crucial Questions #5 Inspiration & Revelation of the Word

A study on the inspiration of scripture, and affirm that it is the revelation of our God.

Crucual Questions #6 What is next? According to scripture

A look at what Paul teaches the Thessalonians about the Lord's return. Here is the clear scriptural teachings about what is really next on the prophetic calendar.

A Chosen Race

Just who are Christians, and how do they relate to God's unltimate purposes in this universe.

Crucial Questions #7, Empty Deceit, False Faith!

This deals with the "Crucial Question" of the dangers of current popular thinking, modern philophies, and enticing cults. Here are the Christian answers, and the force fo truth anagin false belief systems, from naturalism, and materialism, too the world's religions, and various cults.

Global Warning

Here is a look at what we can expect in our world, and then what our Lord will do. This is a warning that things are going to get worse, but then as in the days of Noah....judgment!

An Encounter with Jesus

A wonderful and insigtful look at Jesus' encounter with the woman of Samaria, and how we too need to encounter Jesus where we live!

The World's Hope

Dr. Wyatt takes one on a tour of what was man's ancient hope, reveals our present hope, and what is to be our future hope.

Profound Precepts and Promises

 Here is a detailed, and insightful look at what is surely this most beloved verse in the Bible, John 3:16.  Dr. Wyatt takes what John is truly saying with each word and phrase and unlocks a summation of God's entire purpose.

Notes on the Apocalypse
Dr. Wyatt examines each passage of the Revelation of John shedding some much needed light on the most controversial and misunderstood book of the New Testament.  This a must for any biblical scholar's library, or the curious searching for some answers and guidance in these troubling times. (115 pages)
"Jesus is Lord" Tote Bag

Governments and associations are trying to eliminate plastic bags, even charging a small fee for each plastic bag one requires. Many stores and groups are offering reusable bags. We too would like you to have one, two, or as many as you would like of our own sturdy bags. Each contains a special message printed on the side. Richard Maynard, who for years was the graphic artist for the Wings of Healing, has designed a unique printing style, that can be read upside down as well as right side up. Richard’s clever and remarkable design can be read; Jesus is Lord, no matter which way you turn it.


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